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Ray Leguizamo

Born in Mexico City, Ray Leguizamo studied art at the undergraduate level at the ENPEG of INBA and at the Pratt Institute in New York, USA. He has participated in multiple exhibitions in Mexico, the United States and Germany individually and collectively, in competitions and calls of INBA, UNAM and state cultural institutes and private galleries. He worked as an illustrator and editor for weeklies and newspapers in Mexico City and Guadalajara, as well as collaborator in museographic projects of archeology and contemporary art for the UNAM, INAH, INBA and the Anahuac University. Selected at the V José Atanasio Monroy Painting
Biennial 202 with the work “Landscape after a battle”. Participation in the Art Walk My Studio 2022 organized by the Allende Institute SMA. He is currently active as a painter and develops art and cultural management projects through SA-Gallery in San Miguel Allende,
Guanajuato, where he lives.

“I do not share the precariousness or brevity in my landscapes, that is why they are vast and prolific in shapes and colors. I look for nuances that incite interpretation and facilitate empathy. Although I am aware that there are lives that fit in 5 minutes or scarce square centimeters, I prefer the poly-perspectives, the multiple angles and the contrasts tearing the monotony.” (Ray Leguizamo)

Ray Leguizamo artist
Ray Leguizamo artwork

+52 1 55 7352 6588
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