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Galería Blue Moon is a collaborative, cooperative art gallery located in San Miguel de Allende, a Unesco World Heritage city in the central, high desert plains of Mexico. It was founded in 2021 by an eclectic group of artists working in the mediums of painting, photography, collage and fiber art. Thematically conceived, monthly exhibits provide a venue for the cooperative members to show a range of their artwork and practice. Guest artists are invited to curate solo shows throughout the year.

As a cooperative, the gallery does not charge a commission fee to the exhibiting artists. All sales go directly to the artists. Cooperative members support the ongoing efforts of the gallery by paying a monthly stipend. Donations to our Galería Blue Moon are greatly appreciated and support our ongoing efforts to democratize and support the arts in SMA.

Location and Hours

Calle Stirling Dickinson #7

colonia San Antonio

San Miguel de Allende, Gto., MX


Hours are:

Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 2 and 3 - 7 pm

Sunday 10 - 2

Closed Mondays


Who We Are

Galería Blue Moon was founded in 2021 by an eclectic and international group of artists working in the mediums of painting, photography, collage and fiber art.

The four founding artists are:

Andrew Klein - Painter

Ray Leguizamo - Painter, Installation Master

James Gritz - Photographer

Beverly Sky - Fiber Artist, Designer

Additional members:

Ernesto Zeivy - Painter

Ri Anderson - Photographer, Designer

Elvia Samaniego -Painter

Henry Vermillion - Painter

Federico Gamaleri - Designer, Jeweler

Vito Ascencio - Painter, Sculptor, Architect

art drawing Andrew Klein self-portrait


In the words of Andrew Klein, Founding Member and Administrator:

"As a relatively recent immigrant to the remarkable city of San Miguel de Allende, Mx. I had often asked myself how I could truly become a member of this culturally rich community, how I could meaningfully contribute. One blissful sunny day in September 2021, while negotiating the perilous cobblestones of Calle Stirling Dickinson, my street, I came to a realization, I had a Eureka moment. San Miguel de Allende is chock full of art galleries that, of necessity, cater to the vibrant tourist market; yet, glaringly, there is a dearth of opportunity for the discerning collector to find original contemporary art. This was the moment that I  decided to find, and assemble, a small cadre of unique, like-minded artists with the shared purpose of creating a collaborative gallery. Such a concept ensures that an artist member is beholden to no one but her/himself and the sustainment of a personal vision. This is a daring and risky proposition in and of itself, but especially within the context of a designated UNESCO World Heritage community whose economy is almost wholly dependent upon tourism. It did not take long to find six enormously talented painters and photographers, dedicated to the notion that there is a niche to be filled, with original creations, beyond the borders of the quotidian and the mundane. Our first exhibit was inaugurated on November of 2021 with a group show. We have since enjoyed a resounding success."

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