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Elvia Samaniego

Elvia Samaniego (Mexico) experiments with different techniques and frames exploring the responses to disturbing themes such as the origin of imagination, human exodus, gender introspection and its confrontation with reality.


She studied architecture and worked in museums of the INAH and INBA circuit. As of 2017, she opts for painting and photography as a means of expression.


She has exhibited work in galleries and institutions in Cuba, Mexico, the United States, Germany and Spain. Her work was selected for FIGURATIVAS 2021 Painting and Sculpture Contest of the MEAM - Museu Europeu d ́Art Modern de Barcelona, Spain. Likewise, she was a finalist in the III Biennial of the Lumen Painting Open 2022. She currently exhibits her work in Monterrey, Ciudad Juárez and San Miguel de Allende where she resides.

Elvia Samaniego artist
Elvia Samaniego artwork


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